What Is Metatrader 5?

MetaTrader 5, also called MT5, is a popular online trading platform used by investors around the world. It offers advanced tools and features for analyzing markets and trading assets like stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, and more. But what exactly is MT5 and why do so many traders like using it?

All-in-One Trading Platform

MT5 bundles all the charting, analytics, backtesting, auto-trading, and account management tools into one convenient downloadable program. Everything you need is integrated into MetaTrader 5.


Real-Time Market Data

The platform provides live streaming price quotes and market news. Real-time data allows you to see asset price movements as they happen so you can react quickly.


Advanced Charting

MT5 has powerful charting tools for technical analysis. You get price history, different chart types, indicators, drawing tools, and more. Charts help traders visually identify opportunities.


Backtesting Capabilities

The strategy tester feature allows backtesting automated trading systems on historical data. See how well a strategy might have performed before risking real money.


Algorithmic Trading

With MetaTrader 5 , you can create, test, and automate custom trading strategies and algorithms. Automated algorithmic trading can save time and effort.


Custom Indicators

In addition to 30+ built-in indicators, you can install custom MQL5 indicators made by other users for unique analysis. Expand functionality!


Market Depth Map

The handy market depth map shows current buy and sell orders and positions in the order book. See where support and resistance may be.


Trading Bots

Auto-trading bots available through the MQL5 marketplace will trade automatically based on programmed logic. Bots can run continuously.


Price Alerts

Set price alerts and get notified when an asset hits your specified target so you don’t miss opportunities. Customizable alerts add convenience. 


Mobile Trading Apps

MT5 has iOS and Android mobile apps so you can analyze charts and place trades from smartphones and tablets on the go. You can easily download apps from IOS APP Store and Google play store. 


User Community

There is an active community of MT5 users on forums. Connect with other traders and programmers for tips, tricks, and discussion.


Supported Assets

MetaTrader 5 gives you access to trade foreign exchange, crypto, stocks, futures, commodities, and more. Diversify across different markets.