Stock trading apps make it easy for regular people to trade stocks on their phones. Choosing the right app is important to get the best tools and experience. This article looks at some top stock trading apps in the UK based on fees, ease of use, tools, and value for investors. With so many stock apps available, finding one that matches your goals, skill level, and how active you want to trade is good. The apps reviewed here make stock trading straightforward to do trades on your phone.

Trader AI

Trader AI is a popular advanced trading software designed trading app in the UK. It offers free trading of stocks and ETFs from the UK, US, and Canada. It manages all your investments, views your portfolio, sets risk tolerance, and more from a single, intuitive interface. Trader Ai’s account manager makes it easy to stay in control of your financial future.

Key features:

– No fees to trade

– Simple app and website

– Access to UK, US, Canadian stocks and ETFs

– ISA and investment accounts

– Learning resources for new investors

The trader ai uk provides market news, company info, and tools to help make investment decisions. The free account gets access to ISAs and free trades. More features come with upgraded account tiers. The app is smooth, and it is easy to make trades quickly. Trader AI is advanced charting tools other platforms have, its simple design makes it a top choice for new investors.

Trading 212

Trading 212 offers free stock trades, no minimum account, and fractional shares. This makes it appealing for new investors. The app and website provide access to thousands of stocks and ETFs globally.

Key features:

– No commission trading

– No minimum account

– Access to global stocks, ETFs, forex, crypto

– Advanced charting tools

– Learning resources and community forum

Trading 212 stands out for its detailed charts. Investors can analyze price trends and patterns. Copy trading mirrors top portfolios automatically. The practice account lets you develop skills risk-free. Trading 212 also has robust tools to screen stocks and research. While suitable for casual investing, Trading 212 offers features advanced trader ai look for.


eToro makes investing in stocks, crypto, and commodities easy. The app encourages learning from other investors in the eToro community.

Key features:

– No commission trading on stocks and ETFs

– Built-in social trading and portfolio copying

– Regulated and authorized across significant markets

– $200 minimum to start trading

– Learning resources and videos

A unique aspect of eToro is the social news feed to find, follow, and copy successful investors. By mirroring proven performers, new investors can apply winning strategies. eToro also enables fractional shares so that you can own pieces of expensive stocks. eToro is regulated for security and compliance. While a $200 deposit is required, eToro does not charge trading commissions. The social community, copy trading, and regulation make eToro a top choice.


Plus500 offers leveraged CFD trading on over 2,000 securities without owning the assets. The streamlined app makes trading simple based on price movements.

Key features:

– CFD trading on stocks with leverage

– No commissions or fees

– Easy-to-use mobile app

– Transparent pricing

– Built-in learning videos

With Plus500, you can profit whether prices rise or fall. Leverage allows bigger positions with less money, increasing potential gains and losses. The app clearly displays margin requirements and open positions. While Plus500 is a higher risk than owning stocks, its CFD model provides flexibility for skilled traders. The platform has risk management tools like stop losses. Overall, Plus500 suits advanced traders wanting exposure and leverage.

Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown easily manages investments online across ISAs, SIPPs, and investment accounts.

Key features:

– Simplified account opening

– Robust stock screening tools

– Top fund manager recommendations

– Retirement planning tools

– Award-winning customer service

Hargreaves Lansdown provides guided support and educational resources for investors. The intuitive website and app offer sample portfolios, fund picks, and customizable stock screeners to find opportunities. While costs are higher than discount brokers, Hargreaves Lansdown provides value through quality service and guidance. The platform appeals to beginners and experienced investors wanting professional oversight.


IG offers spread betting and CFD trading on 10,000+ global markets, including shares, forex, and crypto. The advanced platforms suit active traders.

Key features:

– Spread betting and CFD trading with leverage

– Advanced charting and analysis tools

– Customizable trading interface

– Integrated trading alerts and risk tools

– 24/7 customer service

With IG, experienced traders can profit from both rising and falling prices. Leverage allows bigger positions with less capital. The app provides customized charts, alerts, risk management, and indicators. IG has an extensive education hub and 24/7 customer support. While high risk compared to stocks, IG gives active traders efficient access to global markets.


The right UK stock trading app depends on your goals, skill level, and preferred features. While many apps offer commission-free trading, factors like minimums, tools, and available assets matter. Apps like Freetrade and Trading 212 are good for casual investors wanting an easy experience and a wide selection.

For social trading, eToro lets you learn from others and copy successful portfolios. Plus500 and IG have advanced features for spread betting and CFDs. Hargreaves Lansdown focuses on education and guided tools to build portfolios.

The best app for you provides the ideal mix of ease of use, value, security, and investment options for your needs. Trying demo accounts is recommended. Investing small amounts helps determine if an app is a good fit. As technology improves, platforms will keep providing greater access and efficiency for managing investments.


  • Cem Gundogan

    Cem Gundogan works at traderai as an AI trader. He holds a Bachelor degree in Management Information Systems from Boğaziçi University. His trading experience includes Tickmill and Binance Senior Foreign Exchanger. Currently, he is a full-time trader and founder of traderAI.

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